Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Atelier Book Chair by Kana Nakanishi

This wooden children’s drawing case by Japanese designer Kana Nakanishi of Oiseau folds out to form a stool.

Called Atelier Book Chair, the case is made from Japanese cypress and houses a sketchbook in one side and pouches for drawing and painting equipment in the other.

A trapezium-shaped piece of wood can be slotted onto pegs in the open case to form a seat.

Photographs are by Asaco Suzuki.
The information below is from Kana Nakanishi:

“ABC – Atelier Book Chair”
Oiseau Inc. released a product designed by Kana Nakanishi under the brand called “mother”. The product is called “ABC” standing for Atelier Book Chair. It is a portable “drawing set” that can carry drawing tools and becomes a stool. The user can take ABC anywhere they like and the place will instantly turn into one’s own atelier.
ABC is made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) from Nishiawakura village Okayama prefecture. It started as a project to utilize thinned wood from forests which is a big issue in the Japanese forest industry. The production is done by Masakyuki Oshima, a skilled craftsman residing in Nishiawakura.
ABC looks like a wooden suitcase which is light enough for a child to carry. Once opened like a book, there are detachable pockets to store drawing tools and a place for a sketchbook. The seat board is also stored inside and when the board is attached to the body, ABC will turn into a stool.
Oiseau Inc. established “mother” brand for its range of products. The name “mother” has a philosophy that the products should be used for a long period of time and the designer who produces them should be the “mother” of the product and consider carefully about the whole “life” of a product. ABC became the first product to be released under this brand.
Product name: ABC – Atelier Book Chair-
Materials: hinoki /wild cherry tree / leather
Size: W390xH260xD70 SH=270 (Weight 2000g)
Production: Masayuki Oshima (wood working shop: Youbi)
Design: Kana Nakanishi (Product Designer/Oiseau.,Inc)
mother Brand Art Director: Chikako Oguma (Graphic Designer/Oiseau.,Inc)


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