Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hisakazu Shimizu by S&O Design

This bowl of candy-coloured glass fruits is a lamp by Japanese designer Hisakazu Shimizu of S&O Design.

The lamp is part of a collection that also features fruit-shaped clocks and tableware.

Const lamp by Thinkk Studio

Milan 2012: Bangkok designers THINKK studio have created a lamp that slots together like a children's toy.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Design Misfit Shine Watch

Walk, cycle, swim, or sleep - Shine tracks your activity level. Sync it. Set goals and see stats, trends, and insights on the app. Wear it anywhere.

Design Glissando watch by Han Huynh

Inspired by the piano keys, Glissando is an elegant timepiece that sits well on a wrist. While its not packed with features like chronograph or turbillion, what makes its desirable is its unique time-telling ability. It’s the kinda watch that you will want to own and show-off for its super-sexiness!