Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Design Misfit Shine Watch

Walk, cycle, swim, or sleep - Shine tracks your activity level. Sync it. Set goals and see stats, trends, and insights on the app. Wear it anywhere.

Simple UI

Our lives are complex enough - we don't need another gadget making more work for us. SHINE has an ultra simple display that appears only when needed: 12 dots, representing a loop of your daily goal. Complete the loop, you've reached your goal. Haven't? Go for a walk until you have. If you choose to wear it on your wrist, it doubles as a watch, accurate to 5 minute intervals.

Wear Anywhere

Getting people to continue to wear a device that measures activity requires trickery. We all have different tastes, and wearables, to be effective, should either be part of our fashion or invisible. Our goal was to create a device that you'd want to wear, whether it did something or not. You can wear SHINE anywhere. And we mean anywhere on your body, as well as to any occasion. With several accessories and tiny size, you can clip it, strap it or clasp it just about anywhere on your body. The design is so simple, yet refined, that you can wear it to run, or to a black tie event.

Magical Sync

SHINE syncs by interacting with the app screen. When you want to sync it, you open the app and place SHINE on the phone to sync. It's that simple.


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