Sunday, January 22, 2017

creative wall lamp with led strip out of plywood

basic idea for this lamp somewhere on pinterest and I decided to make my own version of it.

Laura´s Industrial Lamps

I am in love with the classic Kaiser Idell Scissor Lamps and so i tried to recreate that design and adapt it to the gasbottle caps. It works really well and i am super happy with how they look.
Although this looks quite complicated it is actually very simple to make...

Off Grid Lighting! DIY Wall Oil Lamp

It's finally up and running! DIY - Wall Lantern Oil Lamps! These are both practical and pretty for Mrs. Griffin - AKA: Mommy. She is the light of mine and my children's life so it's absolutely my duty to make her a couple of functionally pretty home decor pieces. I hope she truly loves them!

Modern Concrete Lamp

This was a lamp I made for a furniture project and I didn't even realize it until the end that, depending on where you look at it, it appears to be floating!

Industrial wall sconces for Escape Brewing

built these sconces for Escape Brewing in Trinity Florida about a month ago,, but I wanted to hold off until they were installed. I'm also doing some hanging wooden keg chandeliers for them(which should be up in the next week or two)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Making a Glowstone and Tiger's Eye Ring on a Lathe

Making a Glowstone and Tiger's Eye Ring on a Lathe

Autumn Lantern

This is just an idea how you could create your own lantern. You can adjust the leaves how you want it and you don't even have to use the string for the opening! Just experiment!

Lamp made of wood and gemstones.

Lamp made of wood and gemstones.

The led lamp from the oak barrel and colored crystal, with the use of glowing powder.